2 LP - Very Best Of Grateful Dead (2023 Reissue, Friday Music, Gatefold, Limited Edition. 180g Vinyl)

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.09.2023

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Rock. Pop. Folk. Blues.


Limited Edition
180g Audiophile Vinyl
Mastered from Original Warner Bros., Grateful Dead & Arista RecordsTapes
Mastered by Joe Reagoso with Kevin Gray
Authorized by the Grateful Dead
Original CD cover artwork in gatefold format
Complete LP vinyl full color cover discography
Protective vinyl outer sleeve
Poly-lined inner sleeve

LP1 - Side 1:

1. Truckin'
2. Touch of Grey
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Casey Jones
LP2 - Side 2:
1. Uncle John's Band
2. Friend of the Devil
3. Franklin's Tower
4. Estimated Prophet

5. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

LP2 - Side 3:
1. Eyes of the World
2. Box of Rain
3. U.S. Blues
4. One More Saturday Night

LP2 - Side 4:
1. Fire On the Mountain
2. The Music Never Stopped
3. Hell In a Bucket
4. Ripple

In 2003, the good folks at Warner Bros. Records and Rhino Entertainment compiled an amazing overview of the Grateful Deads most memorable and fan driven favorites simply titled The Very Best Of Grateful Dead. This collection featured the brilliant and sorely missed vocals and guitar musings of Jerry Garcia, the rockin guitar and vocals of Bob Weir, the driving bass and vocals of Phil Lesh, the powerful drums of Bill Kreuztmann, Tom Constanten and Mickey Hart, the great Donna Jean Godchaux on vocals, plus the sorely missed keyboard wizardry of Ron McKernan, Keith Godchaux, and Brent Mydland.

This mammoth seventeen song collection had something for everybody as it culled tracks not only from the Warner vaults, but from the Grateful Dead label and Artista Records period of the bands output. Therefore, a good majority of the hits and definitive Dead tracks are included on this career compendium of songs which will forever stand the test of time.

Their most familiar songs from Workingmans Dead and American Beauty are featured with tracks like Casey Jones, Uncle Johns Band, Truckin and Sugar Magnolia. Plus even more Grateful Dead anthems from their own Grateful Dead label are included like The Music Never Stopped, Eyes Of The World, and U.S. Blues, most of which featured the memorable lyrics of Robert Hunter. The later Arista era is also highlighted with massive smash hits like Touch of Grey and more rockers like Fire On The Mountain and Estimated Prophet.

The music of the iconic Grateful Dead have made them one of the most loved bands of all time. Their concerts were history making events, their albums and songs were of legendary proportion, and the cosmic energy between each individual member spearheaded by the late great Jerry Garcia is of unequalled dimension.

Friday Music is honored once again to be the torchbearer for some of the finest music ever recorded and it is with much honor to announce the first time audiophile vinyl release of The Very Best Of Grateful Dead. This deluxe two-disc limited edition audiophile event was mastered impeccably from the original Warner/Grateful Dead/Arista tapes by Joe Reagoso and Kevin Gray and features all of the original seventeen tracks as hand picked by Dead archivists James Austin and David Lemieux.

For this special limited edition release, Friday Music also includes for the first time, the original compact disc cover artwork in a gatefold format, which will truly enhance your hours of listening enjoyment, as it features a bevy of rare photos, as well as a complete LP vinyl full color cover discography. And as always, a protective vinyl sleeve for the fine album cover and poly-lined sleeves for each of the audiophile vinyl discs are included to help keep your musical investment in mint shape.

The Very Best Of The Grateful Dead... Relive your favorite moments once again with these incredible songs from your favorite band...now an audiophile vinyl reality...from your friends at Friday Music. What A Long Strange Trip Its Been.


2 LP - Very Best Of Grateful Dead (2023 Reissue, Friday Music, Gatefold, Limited Edition. 180g Vinyl)

93,90 CHF



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