The Alternate Collection (6 CDs)

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.11.2022

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. The Alternate Fleetwood Mac
CD1-1. Monday Morning (Early Take)
CD1-2. Warm Ways (Early Take)
CD1-3. Blue Letter (Early Take)
CD1-4. Rhiannon (Early Take)
CD1-5. Over My Head (Early Take)
CD1-6. Crystal (Early Version)
CD1-7. Say You Love Me (Early Version)
CD1-8. Landslide (Early Version)
CD1-9. World Turning (Early Version)
CD1-10. Sugar Daddy (Early Take)
CD1-11. I’m So Afraid (Early Version)
. The Alternate Rumours
CD2-1. Second Hand News (Alternate)
CD2-2. Dreams (Alternate)
CD2-3. Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)
CD2-4. Don’t Stop (Alternate)
CD2-5. Go Your Own Way (Alternate)
CD2-6. Songbird (Alternate)
CD2-7. The Chain (Demo)
CD2-8. You Make Loving Fun (Alternate)
CD2-9. I Don’t Want To Know (Early Take)
CD2-10. Oh Daddy (Alternate)
CD2-11. Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)
. The Alternate Tusk

The Alternate Tusk

CD3-1. Over & Over (4/2/79)
CD3-2. The Ledge (3/13/79)
CD3-3. Think About Me (2/18/79)
CD3-4. Save Me A Place (10/18/78)
CD3-5. Sara (3/10/79)
CD3-6. What Makes You Think You’re The One (2/24/79)
CD3-7. Storms (6/2/79)
CD3-8. That’s All For Everyone (10/20/78)
CD3-9. Not That Funny (5/19/79)
CD3-10. Sisters Of The Moon (11/12/78)
CD3-11. Angel (4/2/79)
CD3-12. That’s Enough For Me (9/28/78)
CD3-13. Brown Eyes (9/20/78)
CD3-14. Never Make Me Cry (2/8/79)
CD3-15. I Know I’m Not Wrong (11/2/78)
CD3-16. Honey Hi (10/11/78)
CD3-17. Beautiful Child (10/9/78)
CD3-18. Walk A Thin Line (4/6/79)
CD3-19. Tusk (7/19/79)
CD3-20. Never Forget (6/29/78)

. The Alternate Live
CD4-1. Second Hand News
CD4-2. The Chain
CD4-3. Think About Me
CD4-4. What Makes You Think You’re The One
CD4-5. Gold Dust Woman
CD4-6. Brown Eyes
CD4-7. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
CD4-8. Angel
CD4-9. Hold Me
CD4-10. Tusk
CD4-11. You Make Loving Fun
CD4-12. Sisters Of The Moon
CD4-13. Songbird
CD4-14. Blue Letter

. The Alternate Mirage
CD5-1. Love In Store (Early Version)
CD5-2. Suma’s Walk aka Can’t Go Back (Outtake)
CD5-3. That’s Alright (Alternate Take)
CD5-4. Book Of Love (Early Version)
CD5-5. Gypsy (Early Version)
CD5-6. Only Over You (Alternate Version)
CD5-7. Empire State (Early Version)
CD5-8. Straight Back (Original Album Version)
CD5-9. Hold Me (Early Version)
CD5-10. Oh Diane (Early Version)
CD5-11. Eyes Of The World (Alternate Early Version)
CD5-12. Wish You Were Here (Alternate Version)

. The Alternate Tango In The Night
CD6-1. Down Endless Street
CD6-2. Special Kind Of Love (Demo)
CD6-3. Seven Wonders (Early Version)
CD6-4. Tango In The Night (Demo)
CD6-5. Mystified (Alternate Version)
CD6-6. Where We Belong (Demo)
CD6-7. Juliet (Run-Through)
CD6-8. Isn’t It Midnight (Alternate Mix)
CD6-9. Ooh My Love (Demo)
CD6-10. You And I, Part I & II (Full Version)


The Alternate Collection (6 CDs)

47,90 CHF



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