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Jackson Browne - Warren Zevon
The Offender Meets The Pretender

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.01.2021

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Rock. Pop. Folk. Blues.


1 Intro
2 These Days
3 Cocaine
4 Linda Paloma
5 Mohammed's Radio
6 Frank & Jesse James
7 Hasten Down The Wind
8 Desperados Under The Eaves
9 Excitable Boys
10 For A Dancer
11 Something Fine
12 Outskirts Of Town
13 Werewolves Of London
14 Backs Turned Looking Down the Path
15 Carmelita
16 Mohammed's Radio
17 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

01. [intro]
02. These Days > [interview]
03. Cocaine Blues [Davis]
04. Linda Paloma
05. Mohammed’s Radio > [interview]
06. Frank and Jesse James
07. Hasten Down the Wind
08. Desperados Under the Eaves > [interview]
09. Excitable Boy > [program ID]
10. [program ID] > For a Dancer
11. Something Fine
12. Carmelita
13. Werewolves of London 

RARE DUTCH RADIO RECORDINGS FROM 1976 After a period spent as a session musician and budding songwriter, Warren Zevon s first attempt at a solo album, Wanted Dead or Alive (1969), was spearheaded by 1960s cult figure Kim Fowley, but received almost no attention. Though Zevon would continue to play occasional live dates as a solo artist, the next several years of his career were dominated by further session work with other musicians. During the early 1970s, Zevon toured regularly with the Everly Brothers as keyboard player, band leader, and musical coordinator. However, Zevon's dissatisfaction with his career and a lack of funds led him to move to Spain in the summer of 1975. There he lived and played in the Dubliner Bar, a small tavern in Sitges, near Barcelona, owned by David Lindell, a former mercenary. Together they composed "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner", later to appear on Zevon s 1978 album Excitable Boy. By September 1975, he had returned to Los Angeles, where he roomed with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, who d by now gained fame as members of Fleetwood Mac. There he collaborated with Jackson Browne, who produced and promoted Zevon's selftitled major-label debut in 1976. Zevon's first tour, in 1976/7, included guest appearances in the middle of Jackson Browne concerts, one of which is documented on this CD; a Dutch radio program broadcast on VPRO FM, Hilversum, on 8th December 76, that went under the title The Offender Meets the Pretender. The performance began with Browne leading his These Days , followed by an interview and renditions of a cover of Cocaine Blues and Jackson s Linda Paloma. Zevon then took over as they played his Mohammed s Radio, Frank & Jesse James, Hasten Down the Wind and Desperados Under the Eaves. Excitable Boy was also offered ahead of Browne s For A Dancer and Something Fine. The VPRO set ended with Zevon s Carmelita and Werewolves Of London. The following evening, December 9th, the pair were in Amsterdam playing a show at the RAI Congrescentrum, where they were joined by David Lindley. Bonus tracks on this disc come from this latter performance. These rare radio show have previously remained unavailable despite the huge demand from fans. This release now addresses this demand, and presents these performances on this new CD for the first time. 1. Redneck Friend 2:13 2. These Days 3:59 3. Interview 2:11 4. Cocaine 4:06 5. Linda Paloma 4:58 6. Mohammed s Radio 4:11 7. Frank And Jesse James 5:16 8. Hasten Down The Wind 3:35 9. Desperados Under The Eaves 3:44 10. Interview 1:18 11. Excitable Boy 2:44 12. For A Dancer 5:06 13. Something Fine 4:26 14. Carmelita 4:22 15. Werewolves Of London 3:02 16. Backs Turned Looking Down The Path 1:25 17. Carmelita 4:32 18. Mohammed s Radio 4:08 19. I ll Sleep When I m Dead 3:17

Jackson Browne - Warren Zevon

The Offender Meets The Pretender

17,90 CHF
15,90 CHF Sparen Sie 2,00 CHF
inkl. MwSt.


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